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Kajol Devgan famously known as Kajol is a known Bollywood actress in India and allover the world among the Indian movie funs.

Her Early Life
She was born by both an actress and a film producer Mrs Tanuja and Mr Shomu Mukherjee respectively in the year 1975 on the month of August 5th .

Her family is completely involved in the film industry beginning from her great grandmother Rattan Bai, her maternal grandmother Shobana Samarth, her maternal aunt Nutan who was the Best Actress and won awards in The five filmfare, her paternal uncles Joy and Deb Mukherjee who were are both producers, her Paternal grandfathers Sashadhar Mukherjee, who is a filmmaker and married to Satirani Devi who is the sister of Bollywood actors Ashok Kumar, Anup Kumar and Kishore Kumar, sister to Tanisha, husband to Ajay Devgan, cousin to Rani Mukherji and Muhnish Behl all of whom are famous actors with different roles in the film industry and history of Bollywood. Kajol attended her school education at St Joseph school in Panchgani.

Her Career Life Began
She begun making her debut album in the year 1992 in which her real life mother Mrs.Tanuja played had a role as her mother the movie was known as “Bekhudi” but in the film “Baazigar” that was shot in 1993 is the one that made her famous in Bollywood. Kajol continued performing in different movies in the rest of the years and got in blockbuster movies. She also got nominated in several awards in different films and became a hot celebrity in India.

Last Career
In 1998 Kajols films were among the hits; she like some of her relatives also won the Filmfare Best Actress awards in “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” as Anjali. In the coming 3 years Kajol participated in more popular films and some not-so-popular films. In the year 2001 Kajol acquired a successful moment in ‘Kabhi Khushi Khabie Gham”, that was among the biggest hits of the year and with her casting in the movie, she won several Best actress awards and HER 3rd Filmfare Best Actress Award not forgetting her 2nd star screen award for being the best Actress thus making her a Hot celebrity India.

Her Private Life
She got married in the year 1999 to a bollywood famous actor Ajay Davgan and they had a daughter called Nysa then she took a break from acting in movies to manage her family.

Her Return To Acting
After breaking away from the bollywood industry for approximately 3 years Kajol made a come back and cast in the movie “ Fanaa” and won the Filmfare Best Actress Award since then she has been making films among them is one she acted with her husband Ajay Davgan which took the lead in success making them hot celebrities India.


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